LIFE ECO-SANDFILL’s goal is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using reclaimed Spent Foundry Sand (SFS) as an eco-friendly fine aggregate in construction applications, specifically for geotechnical applications such as embankments, mortars, and Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM). Likewise, it will explore the options for high quality reutilization of treated SFS in foundry sector for core and mould making. The ultimate goal of the project is to reduce the large volume of foundry sand that is annually disposed of in landfills.

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The Consortium of the Project is formed by:


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A. Preparatory actions

B. Implementation actions

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D. Public awareness and dissemination results

E. Project management

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  • Sand impurities removal (such as metal scrap, oxidizable organic matter, fine content, pH…) with an efficiency over 90%.
  • Execution of construction works demos, substituting (100%) virgin fine aggregates with reclaimed SFS.
  • Validation of high quality reutilization of reclaimed sand in foundry as a substitute for new sand.
  • Valorization of more than 1500 t SFS in the Basque Country during the project.
  • A detailed financial cost-benefit analysis.
  • Lifecycle analysis of the new applications of SFS in construction.
  • Extrapolation of results to European Construction industry.


LIFE ECO-SANDFILL project Website 30-09-2016
Consortium agreement and IPR Statements 30-10-2016 
Surplus sand generation and its demand among construction sector 30-11-2016 
Analysis about the upcoming changes concerning SFS valorization  30-12-2016 
Communication Plan - Networking strategy  30-12-2016 
Project Management handbook  30-12-2016 
Technical protocol of the reclamation process  30-01-2017 
Lay out of the industrial reclaiming process 30-06-2017 
Adapted environmental assessment methodology  30-06-2017 
Progress regarding performance indicators  30-07-2017 
Working Protocol of the reclaiming process  30-12-2017 
Validation of the reclaimed sand in Estanda foundry  30-12-2017 
Guidelines for reclaiming process and construction demos 30-12-2017 
Communication Plan - Updated  30-12-2017 
Project design of the three constructive applications  30-01-2018 
Monitoring plan designing  30-01-2018 
Definition of the Roadmap for applying green procurement  31-06-2018 
LIFE notice Boards  31-12-2018 
Layman Report  30-05-2019 
Guideline for sand valorization in construction application  30-06-2019 
Assessment of the monitoring control result 30-06-2019 
New business models and explotation plan report 30-06-2019 
Environmental Assessment Report  30-06-2019 
After Life Communication Plan  30-06-2019 
Environmental communication tools and labeling needs  30-06-2019 
Dissemination activities Reports  30-06-2019 
Assessment of the socio-economic impact 30-06-2019 


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